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Pop, Iggy - The Idiot (LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Pop, Iggy - The Idiot (LP)

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Iggy's phenomenal first solo record! Co-written with David Bowie, the album is a new direction for Iggy Pop, but stands up to his Stooges work. 2009 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


In 1976, the Stooges had been gone for two years, and Iggy Pop had developed a notorious reputation as one of rock & roll's most spectacular waste cases. After a self-imposed stay in a mental hospital, a significantly more functional Iggy was desperate to prove he could hold down a career in music, and he was given another chance by his longtime ally, David Bowie. Bowie co-wrote a batch of new songs with Iggy, put together a band, and produced The Idiot, which took Iggy in a new direction decidedly different from the guitar-fueled proto-punk of the Stooges. Musically, The Idiot is of a piece with the impressionistic music of Bowie's "Berlin Period" (such as Heroes and Low), with it's fragmented guitar figures, ominous basslines, and discordant, high-relief keyboard parts. Iggy's new music was cerebral and inward-looking, where his early work had been a glorious call to the id, and Iggy was in more subdued form than with the Stooges, with his voice sinking into a world-weary baritone that was a decided contrast to the harsh, defiant cry heard on "Search and Destroy." Iggy was exploring new territory as a lyricist, and his songs on The Idiot are self-referential and poetic in a way that his work had rarely been in the past; for the most part the results are impressive, especially "Dum Dum Boys," a paean to the glory days of his former band, and "Nightclubbing," a call to the joys of decadence. The Idiot introduced the world to a very different Iggy Pop, and if the results surprised anyone expecting a replay of the assault of Raw Power, it also made it clear that Iggy was older, wiser, and still had plenty to say; it's a flawed but powerful and emotionally absorbing work.

-All Music


Sister Midnight 4:19
Nightclubbing 4:14
Funtime 2:54
Baby 3:24
China Girl 5:08
Dum Dum Boys 7:12
Tiny Girls 2:59
Mass Production 8:24

Original Release Year: 1977

Label: 4 Men With Beards

Catalog #: 4M 524

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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