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Pistachio Kid - Sweet Remedies - (10-Inch Vinyl) (Vinyl)

Pistachio Kid - Sweet Remedies - (10-Inch Vinyl) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (10-Inch Vinyl) 

 10" vinyl version. The debut record by The Pistachio Kid entitled Sweet Remedies features eight songs of incandescent beauty, presenting wonderfully warm and infectious melodies, elegant harmonies and combining these with a collage of musical styles and arrangements. The Pistachio Kid is hailed by critics and audiences as an idiosyncratic, creative musician and songwriter invoking the early work of Randy Newman, Bert Jansch, Van Dyke Parks, and The Sherman Brothers. The Pistachio Kid is the new musical project of Charlie McKeon, a talented and multi-instrumental singer-songwriter from Liverpool. An urban-Huckleberry Finn character whose music transcends genres, is other-worldly yet melodically familiar and evokes the spirit of endless summers, the exuberance of youth and that belief that everything and anything is possible. "I love music that's about playing together, like jazz or bluegrass, and I love music that's about composition and beauty, like Debussy. And then I love music that's about an individual personality like Dylan. I love people exploring what they sound like, it's all good." The recordings were written, entirely performed and recorded by Charlie McKeon in his hometown of Liverpool and represent his coming of age as artist. McKeon is a graduate of Leeds College of Music and has become known for his intricate and colorful guitar playing, his unique voice and exquisite songs which balance the perfect ratio of lyrics to guitar. "People try to tailor your creativity before you've even done anything, you need to do it all first. The best advice is the opposite of that. John Fahey said 'Play what you like to play, don't worry about anyone else'. Imagine Dylan having singing lessons?! I wish I had written 'Suzanne' by Leonard Cohen or 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun' by John Lennon, or 'René and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War' by Paul Simon. They're all very individual and delicate and they move in cool motions."

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