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Pavement - Westing By Musket & Sextant (LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Pavement - Westing By Musket & Sextant (LP)

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Great collection of Pavement's early singles and EP's.  1993 first issue on black vinyl.


A collection of all of Pavement's low-fidelity early singles and EPs, which feature considerably less melody than Slanted and Enchanted. It's nice to have this rare material on one CD, although the music is defiantly anti-CD. Those who boarded the train with the acclaimed Slanted and Enchanted should catch up on what they've missed.



A1 You're Killing Me 3:20
A2 Box Elder 2:26
A3 Maybe Maybe 2:14
A4 She Believes 3:02
A5 Price Yeah! 3:00
A6 Forklift 3:27
A7 Spizzle Trunk 1:23
A8 Recorder Grot 2:08
A9 Internal K-Dart 1:51
A10 Perfect Depth 2:43
A11 Recorder Grot (Rally) 0:21
B1 Heckler Spray 1:06
B2 From Now On 2:03
B3 Angel Carver Blues / Mellow Jazz Docent 2:30
B4 Drive By Fader 0:28
B5 Debris Slide 1:56
B6 Home 2:23
B7 Krell Vid-User 1:26
B8 Summer Babe (Winter Version) 3:13
B9 Mercy: The Laundromat 1:39
B10 Baptiss Blacktick 2:03
B11 My First Mine 2:20
B12 My Radio 1:21


Original Release Year: 1993

Label: Drag City

Catalog #: DC14

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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