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Paul Evans - Sitting In The Back Seat: Complete Masters 1957-1962 [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

Paul Evans - Sitting In The Back Seat: Complete Masters 1957-1962 [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

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 (United Kingdom - Import) 

 • Hit songwriter for others and hit maker in his own right, American music legend Paul Evans' active career spanned over six decades and brought him hits in the 50s and the 60s before he turned his attentions to the lucrative world of advertising and 'jingle' songwriting. One of the better and more creative talents of the post-rock 'n' roll/pre-Beatlemania era, Paul tended not to record the songs he wrote for others - which include the Kalin Twins' UK chart topper 'When', Bobby Vinton's US chart topper 'Roses Are Red (My Love)' and several songs for Elvis Presley, including 'I Gotta Know' and 'The Next Step Is Love'. But he recorded plenty of memorable hits of his own, including the self-written 'Happy Go Lucky Me', 'Midnight Special' and the immortal 'Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat' - which can all be heard here. This new Jasmine 2CD collection brings together every commercially issued recording that Paul made between 1956 and 1962 - the A and B sides of every 78 and 45, plus the contents of two full albums and a handful of tracks that only originally appeared on a 'Best Of' collection. There have been previous CD anthologies on Paul, but this is the first to contain his entire vinyl output for that period, including many tracks that are making their CD debut here. The frequently maligned era of the 'Bobby's' did actually witness the flourishing of some important and enduring talents whose work has held up well as years have gone by. Paul Evans is unquestionably one such talent and Jasmine is delighted to bring you this definitive collection of his work - mastered, as always, from the finest available sources! 

 - Disc 1 - 1 What Do You Know 2 Dorothy 3 Looking for a Sweetie 4 Any Little Thing 5 Caught 6 Poor Broken Heart 7 Oh No 8 I Think About You All the Time 9 At My Party 10 Beat Generation 11 Mickey My Love 12 Long Gone 13 Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat - Paul Evans and the Curls 14 Worshipping An Idol - Paul Evans and the Curls 15 Midnight Special 16 Since I Met You Baby 17 Happy-Go-Lucky Me 18 Fish in the Ocean (Bubbly Bum Bum) 19 Twins 20 The Brigade of Broken Hearts 21 Hushabye Little Guitar 22 Blind Boy 23 Show Folk 24 I Love to Make Love to You 25 After the Hurricane 26 Not Me 27 This Pullover 28 Just Because I Love You 29 Over the Mountain, Across the Sea 30 Sisal Twine 31 A Picture of You 32 Feelin' No Pain - Disc 2 - 1 D-Darling 2 Gonna Build a Mountain 3 The Bell That Couldn't Jingle 4 Gilding the Lily 5 I'm in Love Again 6 Hambone 7 Tutti Frutti 8 Butterfly 9 Slippin' and Slidin' 10 Honey Love 11 I'm Walkin' 12 Sixty Minute Man 13 The Fool 14 Why 15 Long Live Love 16 Fire in My Soul 17 The King of Broken Hearts 18 Passing Through 19 Wee Cooper of Fife 20 Buckeye Jim 21 Kevin Barry 22 Tzena Tzena Tzena 23 Los Quatro Generales 24 Mister Hangman 25 The British Grenadiers 26 Wayfaring Stranger 27 The Wearing of the Green 28 Colorado Trail 29 Samuel Hall 30 The Golden Vanity 31 The Pig and the Inebriate 32 The Bomb 33 Were You There When They Crucified My Lord 34 Poor Boy

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