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Night Verses - Into The Vanish Light - (Black, White) (Vinyl)

Night Verses - Into The Vanish Light - (Black, White) (Vinyl)

$ 24.98

Format: LP 
 (Black, White) 

 Into The Vanishing Light, Night Verses' sophomore full-length, was recorded in Venice Beach, CA, with legendary producer Ross Robinson (GLASSJAW, AT THE DRIVE IN, THE CURE). The album puts a newfound emphasis on utilizing their instruments in unique and innovative ways to create a dense, atmospheric sound and experience for listeners. 'A lot of the inspiration for the title, Into The Vanishing Light, came from pulling so many new and untapped emotions out of places that we never knew existed within ourselves,' reveals vocalist Douglas Robinson. 'Ross brought more to the table than I could have ever really imagined. He taught us how to elevate ourselves from what we were, while still being exactly who we are. He didn't make us anything we didn't want to be. He brought out what he saw in us and heightened it all as we learned even more about ourselves on our own. I personally felt so much more mentally aware and open with everything I was doing during the making of this record. That - mixed with us just simply taking a chance on going against the grain of modern approaches to recordings and stepping out of our comfort zones - was a way for us (separately and as a whole) to surrender our old ways and give everything we had to the new process.' 

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