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Mr. E & Me - New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids -  (Vinyl)

Mr. E & Me - New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids - (Vinyl)

$ 24.99

Release Date: 9/13/2019 

 This new release is an album of eloquent contemporary music for children performed by Mr. E and Me and The Norwegian Radio Orchestra. The wonderful songs are written, arranged and sung by the highly accomplished duo Mr. E and Me, which consists of Martin Hagfors and Erik Johannessen. Martin, American born, is an artist, composer and lyricist in his own right and a popular collaborator for the likes of Ellen Andrea Wang, Bobby Bare, Big Bang, Motorpsycho etc. Erik is a Norwegian composer, arranger and trombone playing member of Jaga Jazzist, he is also known for his studio work with Susanne Sundfor and The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids also includes a guest appearance by the world music icon, Mari Boine on the hauntingly eerie, Long, Long and performances by The Norwegian Girls Choir. New Orchestral Hits 4 Kids aims to open ears to the wonderful sounds of the orchestra while introducing whimsical, imaginative songs about friendships, forests, wet socks, dancing, space, a robot, a birthday, and a beautiful narrative about a girl on the moon. 

 1 Sleep Like a Rock 00:03:17 2 What's the Number on Your Door 00:01:46 3 Wet Socks 00:03:01 4 Long, Long 00:03:30 5 A Major Birthday 00:02:29 6 The Story of the Girl on the Moon 00:05:25 7 Planet of the Rats 00:03:07 8 The P Dance 00:02:05 9 Mistake #9 00:03:52 10 Robot XP3 00:02:10 11 The Woods at Night 00:03:18 12 Lonesome Bird 00:04:15 13 The Girl on the Moon 00:02:58

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