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Mozes & Firstborn - Great Pile Of Nothing - (Digital Download Card) (Vinyl)

Mozes & Firstborn - Great Pile Of Nothing - (Digital Download Card) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Digital Download Card) 

 Vinyl LP pressing. Mozes and the Firstborn are set to release their second record 'Great Pile of Nothing' on September 2nd 2016 via Burger Records. The Dutch four-piece came out with their debut album on Burger Records two years ago. After that they toured extensively through Europe and the United States. Since it's foundation in 2010 Mozes and the Firstborn has played almost 500 shows. The past two years the band have been busy crafting new songs. A fresh musical direction was initiated earlier this year with the 'Power Ranger EP' and a European tour alongside long-time Burger buddies together PANGEA. Both musically and lyrically the record explores a wide variety of emotions and atmospheres. The spaced-out 'All Will Fall to Waste' comforts the listener by saying that "this is just a phase", even though "all will fall to waste". Slacker banger 'OC/DC' is a tongue-in-cheek track about a rockstar afraid to leave the house because of his obsessive-compulsive behavior. "Crawl" is a hypnotic grunge jam that delves deep into the dark heart of sexuality. And Guided by Voices shouldn't be ashamed to cover "Crybaby", a powerpop gem about the little whining child that's deep inside all of us. 

 1 Land of a 1000 Dreams 2 Great Pile of Nothing 3 Crybaby 4 Power Ranger 5 Oc/Dc 6 Snowman 7 All Will Fall to Waste 8 Mayday 9 Till the Feeling's Gone 10 Crawl 11 It's Over 12 Cruel Wide World

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