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Motherf***ers - Were F***ed [Explicit Content] - (Paexp) (Vinyl)

Motherf***ers - Were F***ed [Explicit Content] - (Paexp) (Vinyl)

$ 10.98

Format: LP 

 Limited transparent green vinyl LP pressing. Back in '93, Beer City booked a crazy Milwaukee band who went by name of The Motherf***ers to play a homeless benefit they had organized. Right after seeing them live, how intense they were and the incredible no holds barred HXC they played ; Beer City decided to put out a 7" for the band. It sold 2000 copies almost instantly. The Motherf***ers were an amazing band. Their live shows coupled with a 'we don't care' drunk punk attitude instantly won all over all true fans of punk and HXC who were (un)lucky enough to catch the band at a show. Following the success of the first seven-inch, Beer City knew it wouldn't be long before they had to do another. Unfortunately due to drugs, alcohol, jail time and eventually death. The Motherf***ers were forced to call it quits. However, the original recording remained and on the DAT tape were nine other songs recorded at the same time. The intention was to eventually use these for another release. Since these nine songs never got released. A plan was made to release these with the original songs from the 7" as an LP. After all, the original seven-inch had sold out it's original run and had never been repressed. So we took these seventeen songs, made it a full length! 

 1 Don't 2 Scumpunk 3 Green Limo 4 Drink 4 Free 5 F*** 911 6 I Like Glass 7 Dumpster Divin' Dude 8 F*** Shit Up 9 Suck My Dick 10 Naphlegn 11 Was Punk? 12 Girls Suck 13 Prank 14 So Happy 15 Space Shuttle Disasters 16 Smoke Pot and Kill Your Parents

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