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Moondog - On The Streets Of New York -  (Vinyl)

Moondog - On The Streets Of New York - (Vinyl)

$ 24.98

Release Date: 2/14/2020 

 Behold! A survey of Moondog's earliest recorded works - many of them unreleased until now - through a collaboration by Mississippi Records and Lucia Records. From 1954 - 1962 field recordist Tony Schwartz frequently checked in with Moondog, his favorite street musician. Tony Schwartz made recordings of Moondog's earliest compositions as they were coming into focus. Sometimes these recordings were made right on the street as Moondog busked, sometimes they were made in Schwartz's studio, and sometimes they were made on NYC rooftops. The resulting recordings, many of which had never been released, were deposited at the Library Of Congress as part of the Tony Schwartz Collection in 2006 when Schwartz passed away, and this record was culled straight from these original tapes. 

 1 Why Spend the Dark Nigh with You? 2 Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 1 3 Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 2 4 Moondog Nocturne Suite Part 3 5 Avenue of the Americas (51st Street) 6 2 West 46th Street 7 Lullaby (2 West 46th Street) 8 Fog on the Hudson 9 Utsu 10 On and Off the Beat 11 Chant 12 From One to Nine 13 Untitled Chant #1 14 Untitled Chant #1 15 Untitled Chant #2 16 Untitled Chant #3 17 Untitled Percussion Solo #1 18 Untitled Percussion Solo #2 19 Untitled Percussion Solo #3 20 Untitled Chant #4 21 Untitled Percussion Solo in Traffic #1 22 Untitled Percussion Solo in Traffic #

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