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Minor Threat - Salad Days (7") - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Minor Threat - Salad Days (7")

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Reissue of Minor Threat's last single on black vinyl. Solid release with the iconic cover image!


Minor Threat was the definitive Washington, D.C., hardcore punk band, setting the style for the straight-edge punk movement of the early '80s. Led by vocalist Ian MacKaye, the band was staunchly independent and fiercely sober. Through their songs, the group rejected drugs and alcohol, espoused anti-establishment politics, and led a call for self-awareness. Every song was fast, sharp, and lethal, often clocking in at just around a minute. Their speed and fury often hid their fairly catchy melodies, but the band's main function was to vent rage. Over the course of three years, Minor Threat released two EPs, one album, and several singles, all of which were quite popular in the American punk underground. Their records and concerts helped spawn straight-edge, an American punk lifestyle based on the group's intense, clean-living ideology. Following the disbandment of Minor Threat, MacKaye formed Fugazi, who became one of the more popular American indie rock bands of the late '80s and '90s.

-All Music


A Salad Days
B1 Stumped
B2 Good Guys


Original Release Year: 1985

Label: Dischord

Catalog #: DIS15

Format: 7" Vinyl

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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