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Mel Henke - 77 Sunset Strip-per - (White) (Vinyl)

Mel Henke - 77 Sunset Strip-per - (White) (Vinyl)

$ 28.98

Format: LP 

 Vinyl LP pressing. All that meat and no potatoes! A 60's advertising innovator behind blending music and strategically placed sound effects! Featuring 12 sexed-up double entendre laced gems from 1962's La Dolce Henke and bonus romp "77 Sunset Strip-per!" From the original 1962 tapes to your space age bachelor pad! Mel Henke was a guerrilla in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Think Ward Cleaver meets Hugh Hefner: an upstanding, tax-paying, white collar, tie-and-sports coat-wearing middle class, middle aged guy with the heart and mind of a horny 17 year old. When Warner Bros. Gave him access to a studio, he corralled some of the ace studio musicians and singers he usually worked with, the result was the legendary 1962 album La Dolce Henke, one of the most coveted LPs in all of space age pop 

 - Disc 1 - 1 77 Sunset Strip-Per 2:29 2 Woman in Space 2:07 3 Built! (For Comfort) 2:39 4 Open the Door, Richard 1:30 5 Farmer John 2:32 6 Last Night on the Back Porch 2:38 - Disc 2 - 1 Psychedelic Twisters 1:52 2 Let's Put Out the Lights 1:49 3 Walkin' My Baby Back Home 2:40 4 All That Meat 1:56 5 You're Driving Me Crazy 1:16 6 Baby, It's Cold Outside 1:27 7 It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House 1:55

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