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Lillingtons - The Too Late Show (LP) - ORANGE VINYL - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Lillingtons - The Too Late Show (LP) - ORANGE VINYL

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The Lillington's fourth full length album is one of their best. Vinyl versions of this record are hard to come by, so snap this reissue up before it's gone forever! 2014 reissue on orange vinyl.


The Lillingtons broke up after 2001's Backchannel Broadcast, its members going on to form Teenage Bottlerocket and Stabbed in Back, while their small clutch of devout fans were left to spread the love that was a little-known pop-punk crew from Wyoming. Early 2006 found the original high-spirited cast of Kody Templeman, Cory Laurence, Tim O'Hara and Zachary Rawhouser reuniting with the assurance of a brand new record. These old fans (and a still small but growing number of new ones) rejoiced. Fulfilling that promise, The Too Late Show has arrived and with it comes -- well, no real surprises for anyone familiar with The Lillingtons' back catalog. No tricks were pulled out of their collective back pocket; The Too Late Show is basically the same set of songs as the band's old stuff, but you know, new. And while this is hardly a bad thing since the songs are indeed fun, they do have the tendency to run into one another to resemble one giant track. Some may be turned off, but if this kind of pop-punk is your bag (you know who you are), this is one good show. "All I Hear Is Static" is an amusing appeal to watch television in peace ("I wish you would be quiet but you always start a riot when I pick up the remote control/I don't care about your day, can you please get out of the way so I can see?"), while Martians enjoy taking out celebrities with their ray guns during "Mars Vs. Hollywood." For the most part, it's all tongue-in-cheek and geeky humor once again (sci-fi, conspiracy theories and the lot) combining with an ever-present love of the Ramones and Screeching Weasel for 11 songs that promptly come and go in under 30 minutes. On one hand, it's tempting to be all "Seriously guys? Five years for 24 minutes of music?" But seeing as the songs are as strong as anything The Lillingtons have previously released, stop complaining and just sing along.

-All Music


Target Earth
All I Hear Is Static
The Augur's Tale
Mars Vs. Hollywood
Do It U.S.S.R.
Vaporize My Brain
Russian Attack
Charlie Goes To Cambodia
Stay Tuned


Original Release Year: 2006

Label: Red Scare Industries

Catalog #: CCCP 110-1

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Orange

Condition: New

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