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Kingston Factory Various - The East Coast Sesssions -  (Vinyl)

Kingston Factory Various - The East Coast Sesssions - (Vinyl)

$ 18.98

Release Date: 10/12/2018 

 Vinyl LP pressing. Most records are just a collection of tracks without much in common other than a particular artist, genre, or sound. But some other records tell us a story. Kingston Factory Presents The East Coast Sessions ranks high among this last category. It is not a conceptual rock opera or any other themed effort put to vinyl, nonetheless. This is a very different case. Here, what makes the narrative distinct is the production process itself. In the fine tradition of the great Jamaican labels and studios, there is a producer and a trademark sound behind this LP. The producer is Esteban Descalzo, born and raised in Argentina, and the studio is Kingston Factory. This Buenos Aires recording facility has served, in the past few years, some of the most renowned local Jamaican-bound talents as well as an impressive string of international luminaries, from Derrick Harriott, Pat Kelly, and Freddy Notes, to Joe Mansano, The Silvertones, Val Douglas, and even British star Hollie Cook. Top labels around the world often require Descalzo's services and certify him as a global reference behind the mixing board. Nevertheless, in this new project, the man sought to expand his already vast field of action even more. That is the tale that The East Coast Sessions tell: the story of a journey. 

 1 The Line (Feat. Kelly Di Filippo) 2 Nah Face the Light (Feat. Jah Point) 3 Parlor (Feat. Jr. Mukka) 4 Teaser (Feat. Carlton Livingston) 5 Barbara (Feat. Alex Tea) 6 Shadows... (Feat. Maddie Ruthless) 7 Please Just Don't (Feat. King Django) 8 Sounds (Feat. Stephen Jackson) 9 In That Moment (Feat. Caz Gardiner) 10 Out the Race (Feat. Brian Davis)

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