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King Cyst - King of New York -  (Vinyl)

King Cyst - King of New York - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 2/5/2016 

 Vinyl LP pressing. King of New York by King Cyst is a 42-minute odyssey about the limits of carnal adventure in New York City. Songs weave together circuitous paths, dead-ends and social impasses; the humanism of it's heroes and heroines is strained by their undying libidos. Seductive in the same way a disproportionate painting might be, King of New York is candid series of portraits. Luka Usmiani is the principal storyteller on King of New York. Usmiani, who adopted the moniker King Cyst for his madcap debut Real Pussy on Underwater Peoples in 2012, is a rueful vocalist with a baritone reminiscent of Kevin Ayers, and a guitar player of unlimited range. A love of the Canterbury greats has guided his by-now matured songwriting craft, and with good fortune Usmiani has assembled an outfit for King of New York skilled enough to play equal to that scene's high standard of musicianship. Joining Usmiani on King of New York are Al Carlson (alto sax, baritone sax, flute), Alex Craig (bass), Dorian DeAngelo (organs, electric piano, piano), and Sam Franklin (drums, percussion, loops). Instrumental passages are deployed with the same sophistication and artful pleasure as Usmiani's deadpan narratives, with Carlson's horn melodies in particular carving out gleeful Gerry Rafferty-esque delights throughout. 

 1 Rubbing Soul 2 All the Best 3 The Lover 4 Invocation of the Apricots 5 Pastis Electrique / the Free Party 6 Chinese Wind 7 She Prefers Green 8 Cafe No 9 Successive Slidings of Pleasure

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