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Jan & Dean - Ba-Ba-B-B-Ba-Ba [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

Jan & Dean - Ba-Ba-B-B-Ba-Ba [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

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 (United Kingdom - Import) 

 JAN & DEAN - aka Jan Berry and Dean Torrence - would famously become mainstays of the 1960s U. S. West Coast Surfing/Dragster music scene, alongside The Beach Boys. But long before then, they'd been cutting Doo Wop hits since 1958, their first three 45rpm releases credited to JAN & ARNIE (i. e. Berry and Arnie Ginsberg), while Torrence was away in the U. S. Army. As Jan & Arnie they registered with the million-selling 'Jennie Lee' and 'Gas Money', and as Jan & Dean with sides like 'Baby Talk', 'There's A Girl', 'Clementine', 'We Go Together', 'Gee', 'Heart And Soul', 'Wanted, One Girl', 'A Sunday Kind Of Love', 'Tennessee', 'Linda', etc. This compilation presents the very best of Jan & Arnie/Jan & Dean between 1958-62, recorded across five different record labels, and features a dozen U. S. chart entries, the first time that this body of work has been comprehensively compiled. Included are a couple of collectors' rarities which are notoriously difficult to find elsewhere on CD. 

 1 Jennie Lee (Jan & Arnie) 2 Gotta Get a Date (Jan & Arnie) 3 Gas Money (Jan & Arnie) 4 Bonnie Lou (Jan & Arnie) 5 The Beat That Can't Be Beat (Jan & Arnie) 6 I Love Linda (Jan & Arnie) 7 Baby Talk 8 Jeanette, Get Your Hair Done 9 There's a Girl 10 Clementine 11 White Tennis Sneakers 12 Cindy 13 We Go Together 14 Rosie Lane 15 Gee 16 Such a Good Night for Dreaming 17 Baggy Pants 18 Judy's An Angel 19 Tomorrow's Teardrops (Jan Barry) 20 Heart and Soul 21 Midsummer Night's Dream 22 Don't Fly Away 23 Julie 24 Wanted, One Girl 25 A Sunday Kind of Love 26 Poor Little Puppet 27 Tennessee 28 Your Heart Has Changed It's Mind 29 My Favorite Dream 30 Who Put the Bomp 31 Barbara Ann 32 Frosty (The Snow Man) 33 She's Still Talkin' Baby Talk 34 Linda

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