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Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City (10" EP) - GREEN VINYL - Vinyl Record LP

Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City (10" EP) - GREEN VINYL

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Iggy with James Williamson! Great version of one of their finest moments. 1995 Bomp reissue on limited edition green vinyl. 10" EP.


To say Iggy Pop had hit bottom in 1975 is an understatement; after the final collapse of the Stooges, Iggy sank deep into drug addiction and depression, and he eventually checked himself into a mental hospital in a desperate effort to get himself clean and functional again. At the same time, James Williamson, his guitarist and writing partner in the last edition of the Stooges, still believed their collaboration had some life in it, and he talked his way into Jimmy Webb's home studio to record demos in hopes of scoring a record deal. Iggy checked out of the hospital for a weekend to cut vocal tracks, and while the demos they made were quite good, no record companies were willing to take a chance on them. The tapes sat unnoticed until 1977, when Bomp! Records issued the 1975 demos under the title Kill City after Iggy launched a comeback with the David Bowie-produced The Idiot. Kill City never hits as hard as the manic roar of the Stooges' Raw Power, but the songs are very good, and the album's more measured approach suits the dark, honest tone of the material. The sense of defeat that runs through "Sell Your Love," "I Got Nothin'," and "No Sense of Crime" was doubtless a mirror of Iggy's state of mind, but he expressed his agony with blunt eloquence, and his sneering rejection of the Hollywood street scene in "Lucky Monkeys" is all the more cutting coming from a man who had lived through the worst of it. And in the title song, Iggy expressed his state of mind and sense of purpose with a fierce clarity: "If I have to die here, first I'm going to make some noise." Considering Iggy's condition in 1975, his vocals are powerful and full-bodied, as good as anything on his solo work of the 1970s. The music is more open and bluesy than on Raw Power, and while Williamson's guitar remains thick and powerful, here he's willing to make room for pianos, acoustic guitars, and saxophones, and the dynamics of the arrangements suggest a more mature approach after the claustrophobia of Raw Power. Kill City is rough, flawed, and dark, but it also takes the pain of Iggy's nightmare days and makes something affecting out of it, and considering its origins, it's a minor triumph. 

-All Music


A1 Kill City 2:20
A2 Sell Your Love 3:36
A3 Beyond The Law 3:00
A4 I Got Nothin' 3:22
B1 Johanna 3:03
B2 Consolation Prizes 3:17
B3 No Sense Of Crime 3:43
B4 Lucky Monkeys 3:37


Original Release Year: 1977

Label: Bomp!

Catalog #: BLP 4042/10

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Green

Condition: New

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