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Gilberto Y Los Intocables Rodriguez - Sabor Maracuya Desnuda -  (Vinyl)

Gilberto Y Los Intocables Rodriguez - Sabor Maracuya Desnuda - (Vinyl)

$ 33.98

Release Date: 9/14/2018 

 Double vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. San Francisco, CA-drop the needle and start navigating the heat of a backyard rumba with Los Intocables, led by Gilberto Rodriguez. This is modern Chicano soul creased down the middle of Bay Area Guanguanco street rhythms, accompanied by overdriven bass and expressionist trumpet lines in full color. Groove-laden tracks bring the cruise to life and steal a kiss on the tropics of an eternal brown-eyed summer. Los Intocables are Ahkeel Mestayer on all percussion, Ruben Sandoval on keys, brothers Carlos and Jorge Rodriguez on trumpets and Gilberto Rodriguez on guitars and vocals, featuring guest vocals from Ilia Correa Sepulveda on "Bahiá Caliente." Taking cues from the Chicano rock canon and specifically that of the San Francisco Bay Area historic musical scene, this is a wholly raw sound awash in sonic dissonance and tropical beat-poetic swagger that could only have been conceived in the streets of San Francisco. It's an evolution of the American experimental and psych scene that doesn't take precedence over any specific genre. As fluid as the shifting demographics of the US is the reflection of the Los Intocables sound coming from the turntable.

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