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Freddy Fender - El Bebop Kid: Part 1 - En Espanol [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

Freddy Fender - El Bebop Kid: Part 1 - En Espanol [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

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 (United Kingdom - Import) 

 • Long before he became a Country Crossover superstar in the 1970s, FREDDY FENDER was a teenage rock & roll star in his native Mexico, under his real name, Baldemar Huerta. The very first Hispanic rock & roller, nicknamed "El Bebop Kid", he initially sang Spanish language cover versions of contemporaneous American rock & roll hits, before starting to write his own songs. He changed his stage name to "Freddy Fender" in 1959 in order to appeal to the US market - as he famously said, "To sell better with Gringos!" - at which point he began to record in English (see JASCD1072). After being busted in 1960 for a marijuana offence, he was incarcerated in Angola State Prison, Louisiana; whilst inside, he recorded an LP and several 45s as "Eddie Con Los Shades", and further Spanish language sides as Freddy Fender. This unique compilation presents the very best of his Spanish language recordings between 1957-1961, the first time that this body of work has been thus compiled. Much of this material is notoriously hard to find elsewhere on CD. 

 1 Baldemar Huerta • No Seas Cruel (Don't Be Cruel) 2 Baldemar Huerta • Ay Amor (Holy One; Only One) 3 Baldemar Huerta • Cantando los Blues (Singing the Blues) 4 Baldemar Huerta • Puerta Verde (Green Door) 5 Baldemar Huerta • Si Estuvieras a Mi Lado 6 Baldemar Huerta • los Ojos de Pancha 7 Baldemar Huerta • Marianne 8 Baldemar Huerta • Ese Sera El Dia (That'll Be the Day) 9 Baldemar Huerta • en Medio de Una Isla (In the Middle of An Island) 10 Baldemar Huerta • El Rock de la Carcel (Jailhouse Rock) 11 Baldemar Huerta • Enriqueta (Henrietta) 12 Baldemar Huerta • Encaje de Chantilly (Chantilly Lace) 13 Baldemar Huerta • El Twist 14 Baldemar Huerta • Rocanroleando 15 Baldemar Huerta • Jamas Corazon 16 Eddie Con los Shades • Desde Que Conosco (Since I Met You Baby) 17 Eddie Con los Shades • Acapulco Rock 18 Eddie Con los Shades • No Esta Aqui 19 Eddie Con los Shades • Que Mala 20 Eddie Con los Shades • Mi Niena 21 Eddie Con los Shades • Lucy, Lucy 22 Eddie Con los Shades • Dime Si Me Vas a Ver 23 Eddie Con los Shades • No Quiero Nada Con Tu Amor 24 Eddie Con los Shades • Dices Que Me Quieres 25 Freddy Fender • Vamos a Bailar (What'd I Say) 26 Freddy Fender • Di Que Vas Hacer 27 Freddy Fender • Si Si Rider (See See Rider) 28 Freddy Fender • Bailando El Rock and Roll (Rip It Up) 29 Freddy Fender • El Borracho 30 Freddy Fender • Tuve Un Amor 31 Freddy Fender • Corina-Corina 32 Freddy Fender • Ya No (I Know)

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