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Erik Truffaz & Murcof - Being Human Being - (With CD) (Vinyl)

Erik Truffaz & Murcof - Being Human Being - (With CD) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (With CD) 

 Double LP version. Includes CD of full album. Mundo Recordings proudly presents a new collaboration between Erik Truffaz and Murcof, with special artwork by Enki Bilal. Swiss trumpeter Erik Truffaz has worked with Mexican sound artist Murcof (originally Fernando Corona) since 2006 when they worked as a trio with Talvin Singh. That fruitful relationship brought together Truffaz's investment in modern jazz, a sharp ear for the new discoveries of contemporary composers like Giya Kancheli and others in the eclectic world of new music, and developed a creative conversation with the world of noise, glitch and spectral electronics that is the abode, though by no means isolated abode of Murcof, who is an arch-collaborator. That relationship was suddenly broadened and lent fresh intensity when in 2012 Truffaz met the charismatic Enki Bilal - painter, illustrator and creator of the "Nikipol" sequence. It was inevitable that when these men came together, that extraordinary work would ensue. That work is the multi-form piece Being Human Being, which exists as a recorded event, as a film collage and as the basis - the score, if one likes - of further performances. It's subject matter is clearly stated in the title. If homo sapiens is a singularity in planetary evolution, these are the men best qualified to peer over that event horizon and into the strange world that is our collective future. 

 1 Origin of the World 2 Warhole 3 Hybridation 4 Chaos 5 And Nina 6 The Eye 7 Human Being 8 Skin 9 Infinite Abstract

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