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Erickson, Roky - The Evil One (2 x LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Erickson, Roky - The Evil One (2 x LP)

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Great double LP reissue of Roky Erikson's fantastic solo record! Originally released in the UK as the 10 song album Five Symbols in 1980 and as The Evil One in 1981 (with 5 songs replaced), this definitive collection gathers all 15 songs from the Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) late 1977-79 produced sessions. An essential selection of Roky classics, including "Two Headed Dog", "I Walked With A Zombie", and "It's A Cold Night For Alligators." 2013 remastered reissue on 200g vinyl with 20-page booklet and download card.


Roky Erickson was very much a changed man when he re-emerged on the music scene in the late '70s after a deeply troubling stay in a mental institution following an arrest for drugs in 1969. The graceful but energetic proto-psychedelia of Erickson's music with the 13th Floor Elevators was replaced by a hot-wired straight-ahead rock sound which suggested an updated version of the teenaged garage pounders Roky recorded with his early group the Spades, and the charming psychobabble of Tommy Hall's lyrics with the Elevators gave way to twisted narratives documenting Roky's obsessive enthusiasm for cheezoid horror movies of the 1950s. It wasn't until 1980 that Erickson released his first solo album, and that disc has had a rather eventful history. Stu Cook (ex-Creedence Clearwater Revival) produced the sessions over a period of two years, and the album appeared in Europe as Roky Erickson & the Aliens (released by CBS in England, making it Roky's only major-label release to date), while in America it came out as The Evil One on the San Francisco indie 415 Records. The British and American releases featured different track lineups, and each version featured songs which didn't show up on the other; to complicate matters all the more, early versions of three of the songs were released on a small-label EP in France. His band, the Aliens, are in sharp, precise form; Erickson's vocals confirm he's a blues-rock belter of the first order (even when he's raving about creatures with atom brains, two-headed dogs, or the Evil One himself), and if the songs are a bit odd lyrically (which you would expect from the titles), the tunes are clever and punchy and rock on out. While the serene and evocative folk-rock of All That May Do My Rhyme represents Roky Erickson's strongest solo work, The Evil One shows just how strong a rocker he could be -- and how good a band he could put together. Great stuff, and certainly the best representation of Roky's "latter-day punk" period.



A1 Two-Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)
A2 I Think Of Demons
A3 I Walked With A Zombie
A4 Don't Shake Me Lucifer
A5 Night Of The Vampire
B1 White Faces
B2 Cold Night For Alligators
B3 Creature With The Atom Brain
B4 Mine Mine Mind
B5 Stand For The Fire Demon
C1 If You Have Ghosts
C2 Sputnik
C3 The Wind And More
C4 Bloody Hammer
C5 Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play


Original Release Year: 1981

Label: Light In The Attic

Catalog #: LITA 097

Format:  2 x 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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