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Elusive - Textures -  (Vinyl)

Elusive - Textures - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 6/3/2016 

 Limited vinyl LP pressing. Brimming with offbeat beauty, Elusive's 2016 album Textures features a unique electronic warmth that is created with an infinity of unusual sounds. Dissected vocals and the crackle of lo-fi static permeate the release with layers of soul, a showcase for Elusive's artful, abundant and multi-layered approach to production. With over 20 releases in his collection since the '90s, Elusive has personified instrumental music culture in California for two decades now. Textures comes at a creative spurt in his career and has a breakthrough sound from beginning to end. Few producers in the beat movement can tap into complex rhythm structures and Elusive's Textures LP goes deep into this territory over the course of the 16 tracks. Every song has its own sub-world, connected through the diversity of his past works and the futuristic voyage he continues to embark on. Dreamy and dense, with plenty of juice and vigor - Textures is a thoughtfully intelligent venture into the far-out realm of the modern beat music movement. 

 1 Moonbeamz 2 Love Is Enough 3 Signal of Light 4 Whirlwind 5 Chants to the Stars 6 Sand Dunes on Mars 7 Simple Joys 8 Live Without U 9 Jungle Mirage 10 Morning After 11 In the Dark of Night 12 Rollin Stoned 13 Jungle Gym 14 Astral Living 15 Minor 11 16 Ice Patternz

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