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Elizabeth & the Catapult - Keepsake - (140 Gram Vinyl) (Vinyl)

Elizabeth & the Catapult - Keepsake - (140 Gram Vinyl) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (140 Gram Vinyl) 

 Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release from singer/songwriter Elizabeth Ziman AKA Elizabeth The Catapult. Like many New York stories, this one starts with a landlord threatening to jack up the rent. It was a particularly frigid February when Elizabeth moved out of her apartment, which housed her beloved baby grand piano, into a small windowless room across the street, and came down with a nasty, lingering flu. Anxious and feverish, her dreams became more lucid than ever, so she started writing them down in a dream journal. Elizabeth's dream journals turned into lyrics and though she had already written dozens of songs for the follow-up to her 2014 album Like It Never Happened, she kept coming back to songs that focused on her dreams. Eventually, the loose memory-focused concept that weaves through Keepsake began to take shape. Keepsake is Ziman's most personal and cohesive record yet. Now she's ready to share her songs and what she learned from writing them - that everyone has their own keepsakes and can control how they're affected by them, with a little effort and dedication. 

 1 We Can Pretend 2 Underwater 3 Something More 4 Ambrosia 5 Magic Chaser 6 Mea Culpa 7 Method Acting 8 Better Days 9 Less Than You Think 10 Tread Carefully 11 Land of Lost Things 12 Wishing Well

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