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Eddy & Backfires - Twenty Fight Years -  (Vinyl)

Eddy & Backfires - Twenty Fight Years - (Vinyl)

$ 29.99

Release Date: 11/8/2019 

 What began 20 years ago near Hanover is now an integral part of the international Rockabilly scene. Eddy and the Backfires have fought their way through and have earned themselves a firm place with their own style of desperate rockabilly. They got the water boiling in every club and every hall, and the amazing thing is that they not only rock their wild sound live on stage, but also in the same way in a recording studio! This album is the proof! Eight fine original compositions and five cover versions tell the musical story of the band. Among the cover songs are such interesting titles as Slipped My Mouth, written by the unforgettable Carl Silva, originally released by Carl & The Rhythm Allstars on Wild Records. Or the classic tune A Cat Called Domino by Roy Orbison. Of course, the cover also contains the story of the band, written in words, as well as many photos! 

 1 Rockin' Beauty 2 Tornado 3 C'mon Pretty Baby 4 A Cat Called Domino 5 Highspeed Daddy 6 Hot Boilin' Engine 7 I Feel Rockin' 8 Rock, Baby, Rock 9 Teen Queen 10 Rock & Roll Guitar 11 Slipped My Mouth 12 The Tempter 13 My World Is You

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