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Deadbeats - Complete Dangerhouse (10") - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Deadbeats - Complete Dangerhouse (10")

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One of the very best singles from the early LA punk scene plus one more! 2016 reissue on black vinyl.


This was the first record I was supposed to post when we opened up the blog. But after doing some googling I found out it had been posted here and there... but you know it’s one of those records that’s NEEDS to be posted everywhere and as far as I know it’s only here you now get the WHOLE package. It’s been living with me since 1979 and will be one of the last records that will leave my home if ever as long as I may live. Kill The Hippies, with it’s supposedly anti hippie statement but it’s actually a rather clever remark on punks intolerance level and as I noticed now Joe from LastDaysofMan made a remark about in the comment section over at GoodBad: “kill em cuz ya need a scapegoat” ha ha. Kill the Hippies is the hit but I prefer Brainless and Deadbeat cause they’re so far from your typical straight forward punk song. And by the way who in the band sez in the end of Deadbeat: “I never wanna do that song again.”? It’s just incredible how timeless this record is and if you get the chance you must pick up their Live at the Whisky 1978 CD which has a live set plus a demo recording of one their best songs: The year 2000 will turn out okay. I so wish someone could dig out everything this genius band did and release it on vinyl. All hail The Deadbeats from now on and forever, one the best bands to ever walked the earth.


A1 Kill The Hippies 2:00
A2 Brainless 2:33
AA1 Let's Shoot Maria 2:22
AA2 Final Ride 3:07
AA3 Deadbeat 1:20

Original Release Year: 1978

Label: Artifix

Catalog #: SPR 032

Format: 10" Vinyl

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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