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Dead Kennedy's - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Used LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Dead Kennedy's - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Used LP)

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The Dead Kennedy's phenomenal debut album! Arguably their best. 2002 remastered reissue. Includes poster insert.


A hyper-speed blast of ultra-polemical, left-wing hardcore punk, and bitingly funny sarcasm, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables stands as the Dead Kennedys' signature statement. As one of the first hardcore albums, it was a galvanizing influence on the musical and attitudinal development of the genre, also helping to kickstart the fertile California scene. The record's tactics are not subtle in the least; Jello Biafra's odd warble and spat-out lyrics leave no doubt as to what he thinks, baiting his targets of conservatism, violence, overbearing authority, and capitalist greed with a viciously satirical sarcasm that keeps his unflinchingly political outlook from becoming too didactic. The thin production dilutes some of the music's power, but the ragged speed-blur still packs a wallop, and the hooks cribbed from surf and rockabilly give it a gonzo edge. The songwriting isn't consistent all the way through the album, but classics like "Kill the Poor," "Let's Lynch the Landlord," "Chemical Warfare," "California Über Alles," and "Holiday In Cambodia" helped define the hardcore genre and, thus, must be heard.

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A1 Kill The Poor 3:06
A2 Forward To Death 1:23
A3 When Ya Get Drafted 1:24
A4 Let's Lynch The Landlord 2:13
A5 Drug Me 1:57
A6 Your Emotions 1:21
A7 Chemical Warfare 2:58
B1 California Über Alles 3:02
B2 I Kill Children 2:04
B3 Stealing People's Mail 1:35
B4 Funland At The Beach 1:50
B5 Ill In The Head 2:46
B6 Holiday In Cambodia 4:39
B7 Viva Las Vegas 2:41


Original Release Year: 1980

Label: Manifesto

Catalog #: MFO 42907

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: Used: Sleeve, insert and vinyl like new! Image shown above is the actual item you will receive.

Vinyl: NM

Cover: NM

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