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Dawn Brothers - Classic (Colored Vinyl) - (Colored Vinyl, Gold) (Vinyl)

Dawn Brothers - Classic (Colored Vinyl) - (Colored Vinyl, Gold) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Colored Vinyl, Gold) 

 Who said roots can only ever be retro? Although it may seem as if The Dawn Brothers arrived from the past through a time machine, these players are focused firmly on the present - and the future! On singles 'Sweet Love' and 'Summer Jam 2017', from the Dawn Brothers' second album, the band sound like a vintage van with the engine of a sports car. It couldn't be more clear: the dusk has made way for the dawn of an entirely new era, in which the sixties and seventies are still the starting point but no longer the destination. What is? Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where it smells of recently dropped fresh rain and a slide guitar howling in the distance. Oddly resembling characters from a Quentin Tarantino film, the Dawn Brothers pause briefly to smoke a stub. 'Sex, drugs and rock-'n-roll', that's serious business for these Rotterdam (The Netherlands) rockers. Full throttle without fuss, seems to be the slogan. 

 1 Summer Jam 2017 2 Holy Water 3 Lucky Charm 4 Sweet Love 5 Too Many Colors in the Sun 6 Yours & Mine 7 Gas to Carry on 8 How Come 9 Got to Act 10 Hood Ornament 11 Eagle One 12 What a Feeling Can't Do

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