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David Nance - More Than Enough -  (Vinyl)

David Nance - More Than Enough - (Vinyl)

$ 18.98

Release Date: 6/17/2016 

 Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release. David Nance lives in a world where rock has been influenced as much by This Kind of Punishment and The Pin Group as by The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones. Omaha's best-kept secret, up to now known primarily to DIY tape collectors and record club subscribers, Nance welcomes all with More Than Enough, his first full-band full-length, which follows the stellar but criminally under-heard 2013 Actor's Diary LP on Grapefruit Records, as well as a string of limited-edition, over-modulatingly intense and emotionally destructive cassette releases. Recorded in Los Angeles, scrapped, then re-recorded after a move back to his Omaha hometown with his wife, More Than Enough sounds like the very last record to have undergone any process longer than a few hours of recording. It's that immediate and on fire. The recipe: (a) get a shit-hot group of musicians; (b) cut songs down to their most "on" moments, or alternately let them ride a groove into the sun; (c) capture it all on actual tape. That's the Nance approach, and it's as much an ode to home-recorded brilliance as it is to whoop-ass inspiring rock. Blare on. 

 1 More Than Enough 2 Pure Evil 3 Never Gonna Fall 4 Unamused 5 Isn't That the Case? 6 Fully Automatic 7 Stuck on the Funny Side of Hell 8 (All I Want to Know Is When You're) Coming Home

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