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Danny Denial - F*** Danny Denial [Explicit Content] - (Paexp) (Vinyl)

Danny Denial - F*** Danny Denial [Explicit Content] - (Paexp) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 

 Danny Denial, also known for his work in Seattle band Dark Smith, is a solo artist and filmmaker listed in Status Magazine as the "POC of the Queer Punk & Alternative Scene to Watch" and in Afropunk as one of the "8 Punkest Bands on the Planet Right Now". After two full-length alternative rock records, Goodbye (2017) and Dead Like Me (2018), Denial set out to explore new themes and sounds for his third LP, f*** danny denial, working with New York producers Bibz and Jamie McArdle and Seattle engineer Aaron C. Schroeder of Pierced Ears Recordings to create an ever-shifting genre-curious collection of songs that tell a story in broad strokes. The record charts a yearlong exploration of highs/lows, power/rejection and euphoria/dysphoria, with the common theme being extremes - how self-perception can lead to narcissism and confusion in a way that's both manic and depressive. F*** danny denial is a 10-song LP with special appearances by Seattle artists DoNormaal, Eva Walker from The Black Tones, Rat Queen, and Razor Clam, due out in spring 2020 with the visual album/short film CONDiTiONER 

 1 Mercer Summit Block Party/Brand New Skirt 2 Am I Cool Enough for Your Love 3 I'm Not Your Type (Feat. Donormaal) 4 Scorpio Eyes 5 Conditioner 6 Ccchokemeee 7 Everything Is Terrible 8 White Tears Fake Queers (Feat. Rat Queen, Dirty Dirty, Slow Elk, & Razor Clam) 9 Totally F***ed Up (Feat. Eva Walker) 10 You Don't Want Me

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