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Daniel Davies - Events Score - (Limited Edition) (Vinyl)

Daniel Davies - Events Score - (Limited Edition) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (Limited Edition) 

 Daniel Davies has announced the impending release of Events Score, an eight-song collection of otherworldly instrumentals that expands on the musician's distinct talent for wringing modernistic soundscapes from vintage synths. Perhaps best known for his role as a collaborator and co-writer on horror auteur John Carpenter's recent Lost Themes and Anthology albums (as well as a pillar of his live band's subsequent tours), Events Score marks Davies' first proper solo album. To accompany the announcement, Davies has shared "Shadows Alive," a melancholy theme built on a glassy synth melody arpeggio, bolstered by a creeping, expansive low end. The album began as a brainstorming session for a movie. "I was talking with a friend about writing a sci-fi film, but I'm not a screenwriter so I wrote an album," states Davies. "I could imagine huge spaceships cracking the sky, giant sand-snakes barreling through the desert, or someone drifting across the bottom of the ocean with just barely enough light to see the creatures beneath. It's the score to all that..." This evocative ambience is underscored by an inscription on the back cover of the album: "This is Science Fiction" 

 1 One 60 Clone 2 Single Machine 3 Shadows Alive 4 XXT 5 Endless Blue 6 In Hiding 7 Body Obtained 8 Stasis

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