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Damian O'Neill & the Monotones - Refit Revise Reprise -  (Vinyl)

Damian O'Neill & the Monotones - Refit Revise Reprise - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 7/6/2018 

 During his career with The Undertones Damian O'Neill wrote several singles and many album tracks. After the band split in 1983, he joined his brother John in That Petrol Emotion. Damian has recently taken the opportunity to record a selection of material for solo release, under the name Damian O'Neill and The Monotones. REFIT REVISE REPRISE is comprised of 12 tracks, co-produced, engineered and mixed with Andy Ramsay (ex Stereolab) and Paul Tipler, with musical contributions from Sean O'Hagan from The High Llamas. There's some old, new, borrowed and blue on this record. You'll hear new songs and instrumental tracks that are guaranteed to thrill and melt your heart plus Damian's delved into his musical past and revamped selected self penned Undertones/That Petrol Emotion songs too. Damian explains "I wanted to put a fresh slant on some old songs that I'd written and recorded. For instance, I was never entirely happy with The Undertones overcooked version of "The Love Parade "and wanted to strip it down to it's original 60's Nuggets type influence. The same goes with TPE's "Gnaw Mark". I think the final result is now closer to how I'd originally imagined it. "Refit Revise Reprise" is Glam/Stomp/Dreamy Pop with a cascade of guitars, vibes, organ, bells and whistles. 

 1 The Love Parade 2 Sweet 'N' Sour 3 Gnaw Mark 4 Someone Like You 5 Everlasting Breath 6 Mundanian Dream 7 Just Wanna Be with You 8 Much Too Late 9 No Time Like the Noir Time 10 Angels in Tyrconnell St 11 Don't Let Me Down Now 12 Compulsion

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