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D Generation - Nothing Is Anywhere (LP) - WHITE VINYL - Vinyl Record LP

D Generation - Nothing Is Anywhere (LP) - WHITE VINYL

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The first new album from D Generation in over 15 years! 2016 limited edition first press on white vinyl.


Roughly two decades after they were supposed to save New York punk, D Generation have returned to the recording studio and emerged with their fourth studio album, 2016's Nothing Is Anywhere. This set comes 17 years after their previous LP, 1999's Through the Darkness, with a breakup and re-formation in between, and a fair amount has happened with lead singer and principal songwriter Jesse Malin since then. Malin has gone on to a well-respected solo career, where he balances singer/songwriter sensibilities with rock & roll tunes, and while Nothing Is Anywhere is the strongest and most confident set of six-string bashing he's released since heading out on his own, the album sounds more like a Jesse Malin solo effort than D Generation. That isn't a fatal flaw; the bulk of the material reflects the more mature and contemplative themes Malin usually considers these days, along with a heavier dash of Springsteen-ian street-kid storytelling, but despite the less frantic tempos and more nuanced performances, D Generation sound like a band on Nothing Is Anywhere rather than a bunch of guys backing Jesse Malin, and that makes a big difference. When these guys get their dander up on numbers like "Militant" and "Not Goin' Back," they still sound like a gritty and swaggering punk band, but most of the time the tone is more rock, less punk. That said, guitarists Danny Sage and Richard Bacchus kick up a commendable amount of dust, and bassist Howie Pyro and drummer Michael Wildwood give this music a stomp that's hard but lively. If you were hoping that D Generation were going to deliver another punk rock triumph like 1996's No Lunch, Nothing Is Anywhere doesn't hit the target, but if you've been wishing Jesse Malin would make another tough, full-on rock & roll album, this is just what you've been waiting for.

-All Music


A1 Queens Of A 3:01
A2 Lonely Ones 3:07
A3 Apocalypse Kids 3:23
A4 21st Century Blues 3:03
A5 Dance Hall Daze 3:08
A6 Mercy Of The Rain 3:24
B1 Hatful Of Rain 3:31
B2 Don't Believe 2:59
B3 Rich Kids 4:00
B4 Militant 2:51
B5 Piece Of The Action 4:05
B6 Not Goin' Back 3:37
B7 Tomorrow

Original Release Year: 2016

Label: None

Catalog #: None

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: White

Condition: New

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