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Crass - Christ The Album/Well Forked, But Not Dead (Used 2 x LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Crass - Christ The Album/Well Forked, But Not Dead (Used 2 x LP)

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Classic Crass double album. Rare, 1st UK Press with box, poster and booklet!


Released with unplanned irony as the Falklands War raged -- an event that would provide grist for the band's eventual masterwork, Yes Sir I Will -- Christ, another two-album half-studio/half-live set like Stations of the Crass, once again aims to take no prisoners. Ratcheting up the continued "leave no stone unturned" lyrical approach that characterized the group from the start, Crass again sounds like the group's about to explode in eight million directions. Ignorant takes over the lead vocal role again, his rough ramalama bitterly leading the charge against the loathed Thatcher government and the society that allowed it to come into power. Libertine, here appearing as Peeve Libido, adds backing vocals while De Vivre takes the lead on "Birth Control" and "Sentiment." Free's guitar work roars along with the usual vim, as does the Pete Wright aka Sybil Right/Rimbaud rhythm section, while continual spiking of the musical punch via production or sonic collages, or even almost power pop catchiness at points, prevents things from being one note. "Reality Whitewash" even has a swelling string and brass combination to propel it along. Mock and real found-sound bites, from official statements to slams at Crass itself, pepper the studio side as bridges between songs or concurrently running elements of the tunes themselves. While hints had always been present in earlier songs, Crass collectively starts wearing their hearts on their sleeves even more than before; "I Know There Is Love" is another all-encompassing rejection of societal roles in favor of a real, untainted feeling, at once impolite and passionate. The live material, recorded at a June 1981 show, is interspersed with a variety of material from other sources, including more found-sound/media snippets and, in an interesting nod to the past, two cuts from the group's very first time in a studio.



Christ - The Album
A1 Have A Nice Day
A2 Mother Love
A3 Nineteen Eighty Bore
A4 I Know There Is Love
A5 Beg Your Pardon
A6 Birth Control 'n' Rock 'n' Roll
A7 Reality Whitewash
B1 It's The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off
B2 Deadhead
B3 You Can Be Who?
B4 Buy Now Pay As You Go
B5 Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (Pt. 2)
B6 Bumhooler
B7 Sentiment (White Feathers)
B8 Major General Despair
Well Forked - But Not Dead
C1 Banned From The Roxy
C2 The Sound Of One Hand
C3 Punk Is Dead
C4 Nagasaki Nightmare
C5 Darling
C6 Bata Motel Blues
C7 Berkertex Bribe
C8 Fold It In Half
C9 Big Hands
C10 Hearth-Throb Of The Mortuary
C11 Bumhooler
C12 Big A Little A
C13 First Woman
D1 Arlington 73
D2 Bomb Plus Bomb Tape
D3 Contaminational Power
D4 I Ain't Thick
D5 G's Song
D6 Securicor
D7 I Can't Stand It
D8 Shaved Women
D9 A Part Of Life
D10 Do They Owe Us A Living
D11 So What
D12 Salt 'n' Pepper

Original Release Year: 1982

Label: Crass Records

Catalog #: BOLLOX 2U2

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: Used - Box has some wear to front back and spine, but is completely intact. Poster insert has moderate wear, old tape on back & corners, small tears. Booklet is on great shape. Vinyl looks like great except for a few very light scuffs & scratches. Image shown above is the actual item you will receive.

Vinyl: VG+

Cover: VG

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