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Corrections House - Know How to Carry a Whip -  (Vinyl)

Corrections House - Know How to Carry a Whip - (Vinyl)

$ 18.98

Release Date: 10/23/2015 

 Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 sophomore full-length from Corrections House. Know How To Carry A Whip is darker, denser, and more despairing than its predecessor Last City Zero. This 45-minute audio apocalypse was captured by the band's own Sanford Parker and recently institutionalized minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury, in Vietnam. Boasting a guest appearance by Negative Soldier, Know How to Carry a Whip finds features the fiery lineup of Parker, Fairbury, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) and Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod) at their most punishing, painting electronic mosaics of deviance and decadence with brushes made from bristles of the damned. Immersed in experiences of longing and loneliness from the depths of their creators' collectively decaying hearts, each of the nine movements reveals a new, unsettling sentiment of danger, paranoia and looming defeat. An underlying theme of confinement and release bridges each track. Distorted, static-sodden and tribal, entwined around Williams' unassailable manic street preacher prose and intermittently juxtaposed by the smooth, cradling sounds of Lamont's lingering saxophone, Know How to Carry a Whip is at once glacially devastating and metaphysically cathartic. 

 1 Crossing My One Good Finger 2 Superglued Tooth 3 White Man's Gonna Lose 4 Hopeless Moronic 5 Visions Divide 6 The Hall of Cost 7 When Push Comes to Shank 8 I Was Never Good at Meth 9 Burn the Witness

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