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Clash - Sandinista! (3 x LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Clash - Sandinista! (3 x LP)

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#407 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums! This great remastered reissue on heavyweight vinyl sounds amazing. 2013 reissue on 180G vinyl with replica packaging.


Sandinista! is the first LP since some of the psychedelic productions of the Sixties that keeps growing by virtue of density and bulk alone, slowly revealing its constantly changing layers of substance over several listenings. Sequencing and structure definitely work to its advantage. The set builds its collection of styles through sides one and two, finally arriving at a real Clash rocker about the time most discs are drawing to a close. Sandinista! peaks with sides three and four (the most solid) and winds down with side five. Side six acts as a kind of unnecessary coda. Throughout, there are great segues — not just great songs but combinations that contrast and amplify each other (side two is a perfect example). Catch the shifts from the calypsolike "Let's Go Crazy" to the cocktail jazz of "If Music Could Talk" to "The Sound of the Sinners" gospel romp that ends side three. Or the heart of the album, the complementary political statements of "The Equaliser," "The Call Up" and "Washington Bullets." Just when you've begun to settle in, there are some surprise vocals at the finish of side four and the start of side five.

London Calling was the Clash's Exile on Main Street, and Sandinista! is their White Album. Both Sandinista! and The White Album share a deliberate, diverse, postmaster-piece fragmentation, plus the fusion of whimsy and urgency that going-for-broke aesthetics create. And, like The White Album, Sandinista!'s forward- and backward-gazing experiments could signal the end of group solidarity. The street-chant vocal unison of Clash choruses that generally provides the political metaphors (as well as most of the hooks) is essential to the band's strength. Can this rather raw live act perform these studio compositions onstage? The definitive take on the Clash's future comes in the mixed message of "Kingston Advice": "In these days the beat is militant/Must be a Clash there's no alternative." But later in the same song: "In these days I don't know what to sing/The more I know the less my tune can swing." And in the next number: "... I will disappear/To join the street parade." I don't think it would be too much to suggest that this paradox of perseverance and retreat was the essence and achievement of John Lennon's post-Beatles sensibility: to merge with the crowd, to stake out an anonymity there, to make the values of that private commitment into the substance of a public statement and to reemerge a working-class hero.

-Rolling Stone


A1 The Magnificent Seven 5:25
A2 Hitsville U.K. 4:17
A3 Junco Partner 4:49
A4 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 3:12
A5 The Leader 1:32
A6 Something About England 3:40
B1 Rebel Waltz 3:22
B2 Look Here 2:42
B3 The Crooked Beat 5:29
B4 Somebody Got Murdered 3:27
B5 One More Time 3:30
B6 One More Dub 3:32
C1 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 4:48
C2 Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) 4:25
C3 Corner Soul 2:40
C4 Lets Go Crazy 4:20
C5 If Music Could Talk 4:33
C6 The Sound Of Sinners 3:57
D1 Police On My Back 3:14
D2 Midnight Log 2:07
D3 The Equaliser 5:45
D4 The Call Up 5:15
D5 Washington Bullets 3:48
D6 Broadway 4:53
D7 Blowing In The Guns Of Brixton 0:49
E1 Lose This Skin 5:03
E2 Charlie Don't Surf 4:52
E3 Mensforth Hill 3:40
E4 Junkie Slip 2:47
E5 Kingston Advice 2:34
E6 The Street Parade 3:24
F1 Version City 4:01
F2 Living In Fame 4:55
F3 Silicone On Sapphire 4:27
F4 Version Pardner 5:18
F5 Career Opportunities 2:28
F6 Shepherds Delight 3:22

Original Release Year: 1980

Label: Epic

Catalog #: 88725462121

Format: 12" Vinyl 3 x LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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