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Charlie Pickett - See You In Miami -  (Vinyl)

Charlie Pickett - See You In Miami - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 4/12/2019 

 Vinyl LP pressing. In the early/mid-80s, Charlie Pickett and the Eggs were - hands down - the punk gods of South Florida. They anchored the Open Books' Land That Time Forgot compilation. They had college radio, when it was fomenting alternative as a genre, with "If This Is Love (Can I Get My Money Back)," "Overtown," "Marlboro Country," massive press in NME, Melody Maker, Trouser Press, NY Rocker, and CMJ. The band caught the notice of REM's Peter Buck, who championed the band, and appears as a special guest on this See You In Miami, out August 17th on Y&T Records. Because rock & roll is still the spark and promise of being alive, of feeling the kick inside, the roar of potential and the molten center of midnight. It doesn't matter the age, the region, the economic sector... when it's true, when it burns, that's when it's stripped to the essence. See You In Miami is that. From "Travelust Revisited" with it's scalding lust for sex'm'gone, "Four Chambered Heart" and it's thundering truth about real love, "Teajay & Mindy" paying homage to the Velvet Underground and the scene or "Miami Interlude" a stripped to the floorboards, hillbilly boogie, careening out of control. This is what punk meant then, and still means now.

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