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Charles Maurice - Aor Global Sounds Volume 4 - (2 Pack) (Vinyl)

Charles Maurice - Aor Global Sounds Volume 4 - (2 Pack) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (2 Pack) 

 Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice present the fourth edition of the AOR Global Sounds compilation series: 14 rare and hidden tracks, produced between 1977 and 1986 in various parts of the world. Started in 2015, the AOR Global Sounds series was born from the will of Charles Maurice (aka Pascal Rioux) to share his longtime love for the AOR and west coast movement and highlight it's influence for many artists in the late '70s and early '80s. In this fourth volume, he again selected largely forgotten productions, deeply infused with disco and soul flavors. Half of the compilation's track list naturally comes from the US, homeland of this style of music, but the other half is made of productions from all over the globe, from France to Belgium, from Italy to Mexico. And for most of these beautiful songs, it comes from artists and bands largely unknown and often released as private press. As an example, "Come Back" is the result of a music talent competition won by a student band named Parenthèse, gaining a full recording session in a professional studio and the production of a limited promotional 7", which stayed completely obscure until now. "Mellow Out" comes from the only album by Pacific Dreams, which was fully self-produced and released by it's leader Tommy Sweet. Fernando Toussaint, however, had quite a solid career and discography as a drummer, forming the Mexican jazz-funk band Sacbé with his brother, and had one solo album released in very limited quantities on Discos Alebrije, a label directed by Alain Derbez. As for "Never Was Love" by Russ Long, despite becoming quite famous when recorded and sang by Judy Roberts, it's still surprisingly undiscovered in it's original version, taken from Russ' beautiful album from 1982, Long On Jazz In Kansas City. There are stories like this for each of the titles included in AOR Global Sounds Volume 4, but the best way to learn more about all these gems is to listen to them, fully remastered from originals, whether your preference is for vinyl or CD. Also features: Arlana, Omega Sunrise, Jonathan Jr., Isabelle Mayereau, Oro, Todd McClenathan, Mario Acquaviva, Special Occasion, Miller, Miller, Miller & Sloan and Scott Cunningham.

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