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Bowie, David - 1966 RSD (LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Bowie, David - 1966 RSD (LP)

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A great collection of Bowie's 1966 singles for PYE Records. 2016, 50th anniversary reissue for Record Store Day!


In 1972, at the height of David Bowie's newly ignited fame, former label Pye unlocked the vault and produced an EP, the aptly subtitled "For the Collector -- Early David Bowie," reprising four of the six songs Bowie recorded during 1965-1966. Since that time, those four (plus their two companions) have established themselves among the most frequently revisited songs in his entire catalog, reissued so frequently, and in so many different formats, that there truly cannot be a single Bowie fan left out there who doesn't own them at least three times over. And here they are again, half a dozen slices of the young Bowie at his most endearing, mourning lost love and celebrating youthful promise, with his whole life ahead of him and fame still more than half a decade away.

They're great songs, as well, classic mid-'60s Britbeat, and though they're a world removed from all that he went on to, it's worth remembering that he would be looking at them again, for the late-'90s ultimately abandoned Toy project.

-All Music


A1 I'm Not Losing Sleep
A2 I Dig Everything
A3 Cant Help Thinking About Me
B1 Do Anything You Say
B2 Good Morning Girl
B3 And I Say To Myself

Original Release Year: 1966

Label: Sanctuary

Catalog #:  BMG16004V

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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