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Blanks 77 / Parasitix - Gettin' Blasted (LP) - Vinyl Record LP

Blanks 77 / Parasitix - Gettin' Blasted (LP)

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Brand new music from the legendary Blanks 77! Plus some great tracks from the Parasitix! 2016, limited first press on black vinyl!


Two decades after the Sex Pistols and the Ramones shocked the music world with their turbo-charged punk rock, Blanks 77 have shown that the musical genre is not solely an artifact from the past. With the screaming vocals of Mike Blank and the barbed-wire sounds of Renee Wasted's electric guitar soaring over the slamming rhythms of bassist Timm "T.J." Blank and drummer Chad 10 Seconds, the Quincy, MA-based band create a supersonic, anything goes, punk-inspired sound of their own. According to "The CMJ-NMR Review," Blanks 77 "specialize in the pure punk style of '77 but with no socio-political agenda."

Blanks 77 was conceived by vocalist Mike Blank and drummer Chad 10 Seconds during jam sessions at Quincy rock club The Pipeline. Guitarist Renee Wasted was added after he replied to an ad placed in a local music newspaper. Blanks 77 has gone through three bass players since its inception. Original bassist Brendan, who had previously played with the CT-based group, Devastation, was replaced by Geoff, who gave way to T.J. Blank, formerly the lead singer and guitarist for the Broken Heroes, in 1995.

Blanks 77's debut album, Killer Blanks, was released in Germany in 1995 and in the United States the following year. Their second album, Tanked & Pogoed, followed in 1997.

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A1     –Blanks 77     Hey You     
A2     –Blanks 77     Don't Give A Fuck     
A3     –Blanks 77     Pills     
A4     –Blanks 77     Tanked And Pogoed     
A5     –Blanks 77     Up The Punks!     
B1     –The Parasitix     Studs And Suds     
B2     –The Parasitix     No Fucking Way     
B3     –The Parasitix     Good Old Days     
B4     –The Parasitix     No Gods No Masters     
B5     –The Parasitix     Alcohol Withdrawal

Original Release Year: 2016

Label: Jailhouse Records

Catalog #: JHR062

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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