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Black Flag - My War (Used LP)

Black Flag - My War (Used LP)

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The record that spawned grunge! Countless bands site this one as a main influence for the doom metal scene and early grunge. Recent reissue on black vinyl.


The title track is one of Black Flag's most volatile songs, kicking off the album with Rollins' frantic shouts of "You say that you're my friend/ But you're one of them". The song sets the tone for the first portion of an album brimming with angst. "Beat My Head Against the Wall" seems to change constantly in order to compliment Rollins' schizophrenic approach to vocals, declaring "Living in the mainstream is such a lame dream" in true do-it-yourself fashion.

"I Love You" features some of Ginn's most memorable and melodic guitar work, which wouldn't be out of place in a modern pop-punk song. At first the song appears to be an ironic take on stereotypical love songs, but further investigation reveals a darker slant; the protagonist gives himself to a woman only to be taken for granted and possibly cheated on, and as a result, decides to kill her. ("I gave you my life, but what did I get?/ Now its time to take it back").

Black Flag's progression thus far is most obvious in the final three songs, all of which are over six minutes. None of them stray from a laggard pace, dwelling on murky atmospheres that punk rock bands had never successfully attempted before. Haunting background guitar aids the psychedelic feel of "Three Nights" in addition various vocal effects, haunting bass lines, and improvisational soloing.

My War ends with a single chug of a guitar string; a particularly quiet ending to an album rife with anger that somehow never feels completely vented. Many of the people who appreciate the album will more than likely identify with the lyrical themes, however strangely juvenile they appear to be. Along with Saccharine Trust, Butthole Surfers, and several other underground bands of time, Black Flag helped carve out a niche for experimentation within a punk framework. It's a swell record

-Sputnick Music


My War 3:52
Can't Decide 5:27
Beat My Head Against The Wall 2:34
I Love You 3:23
Forever Time 2:25
The Swinging Man 2:55
Nothing Left Inside 6:39
Three Nights 5:51
Scream 6:54


Original Release Year: 1984

Label: SST

Catalog #: SST 023

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: Used - Cover is like new. Vinyl is like New. Image shown above is the actual item you will receive.

Vinyl: NM

Cover: NM

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