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Bill Wyman - White Lightnin: Solo Box [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (Vinyl)

Bill Wyman - White Lightnin: Solo Box [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (Vinyl)

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Format: LP 
 (United Kingdom - Import) 

 Limited four vinyl LP set. This box contains all four solo albums by Bill Wyman, the first Rolling Stone to release a solo record. The first two (Monkey Grip from 1974 and 1976's Stone Alone, both issued on Rolling Stones Records) were made the help of a galaxy of musical friends like Lowell George, Dr John, Joe Walsh, Van Morrison, the Pointer Sisters, Danny Kortchmar, Dallas Taylor, Leon Russell, Bob Welch and Nicky Hopkins. The eponymous third album was home to Bill's 1981 big hit single "(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star" as well as follow-up hits "Come Back Suzanne", "A New Fashion" and "Visions, while fourth album Stuff appeared in 1992, originally in Japan only. The albums are now issued on vinyl for the first time since their original release (and Stuff on vinyl for the first time ever), gathered together in a beautiful rigid slipcase. The new inner sleeves feature all the lyrics and the musician credits. 

 - Disc 1 - 1 I Wanna Get Me a Gun 2 Crazy Woman 3 Pussy 4 Mighty Fine Time 5 Monkey Grip Glue 6 What a Blow 7 White Lightnin' 8 I'll Pull You Thro' 9 It's a Wonder 10 Wine & Wimmen (Early Version) 11 It's Just a Matter of Time 12 If You Got the Feelin' 13 Five Card Stud 14 Monkey Grip Glue (Single Edit) 15 What a Blow (Single Edit) 16 White Lightnin' (Single Edit) 17 Pussy (Single Mix) - Disc 2 - 1 A Quarter to Three 2 Gimme Just One Chance 3 Soul Satisfying 4 Apache Woman 5 Every Sixty Seconds 6 Get It on 7 Feet 8 Peanut Butter Time 9 Wine and Wimmen 10 If You Wanna Be Happy 11 What's the Point 12 No More Foolin' 13 High Flying Bird 14 Back to School Again 15 Can't Put Your Picture Down 16 Love Is Such a Wonderful Thing 17 A Quarter to Three (Single Mix) 18 Apache Woman (Single Mix) - Disc 3 - 1 Ride on Baby 2 A New Fashion 3 Nuclear Reactions 4 Visions 5 Jump Up 6 Come Back Suzanne 7 Rio de Janeiro 8 Girls 9 Seventeen 10 (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star 11 Rio de Janeiro (Single Edit) 12 Come Back Suzanne (Single Edit) 13 Visions (Single Edit) 14 (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star (Single Edit) 15 Come Back Suzanne 16 (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star - Disc 4 - 1 If I Was a Doo Doo Doo 2 Like a Knife 3 Stuff (Can't Get Enough) 4 Leave Your Hat on 5 This Strange Effect 6 Mama Rap 7 She Danced 8 Fear of Flying 9 Affected By the Towns 10 Blue Murder (Lies) 11 Like a Knife (12" Single Mix) 12 Stuff (Can't Get Enough) (12" Single Mix) 13 She Danced (12" Mix) 14 Stuff (Can't Get Enough) (Alternate 12" Mix) - Disc 5 - 1 I Wanna Get Me a Gun (Promo Video) 2 Monkey Grip Glue (Promo Video) 3 What a Blow (Promo Video) 4 (Si, Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star (Promo Video) 5 A New Fashion (Promo Video) 6 Come Back Suzanne (Promo Video) 7 Stuff (Can't Get Enough) (Promo Video)

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