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BACH / SALCITO - Goldberg Variations for Guitar -  (CD)

BACH / SALCITO - Goldberg Variations for Guitar - (CD)

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 For Marco Salcito, the guitar, an instrument naturally rich in tone-color and dynamic variations, is well-suited to such a work as J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations. It took Mr. Salcito three years to transcribe this masterpiece; all musical choices, including embellishments, were made were in maximum possible respect of the development of each single voice. The recording was made without any electronic effects or overdubs. The instrument he used, built by master luthier Enzo Guido, was mounted with strings made by the Vicenza firm Aquila Corde Armoniche, which, through it's research on natural gut, has created a new product, Nylgut, which follows the tradition of past great string makers and recreates the charm that only gut can offer, with it's imitation of the human voice. Guitatist and teacher Marco Salcito merges the love for his didactical job to a concert career that has no musical prejudices and spans from the classical repertory to jazz and flamenco, as well as composition. He has appeared in concert in the US and China as well as in Europe, always paying particular attention to the repertoire he selects, meant to aid discover of new musical paths.

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