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Babe - Kiss & Tell -  (Vinyl)

Babe - Kiss & Tell - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 4/28/2017 

 Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release from Glasgow's premier secret party band. Babe are back after a two year absence with Kiss & Tell, the follow-up to the excellent and unclassifiable 2014 debut Volery Flighty. The band, made up of singer-leader Gerard Black (Findo Gask), guitarist Thomas Ogden, bassist Amaury Ranger (Francois and the Atlas Mountains) and new drummer/producer John Baillie Jnr (Bossy Love) have regrouped and refocused to deliver a record as much for the quiet hours as it is for the house party. Kiss & Tell is an album which finds Babe striding confidently, if not swaggering, towards the dancefloor. You can hear disco music, house and techno, dream-pop and so much more on album number two, but it remains utterly cohesive. No longer uncategorized, Kiss & Tell is the only sad-disco album you'll need in 2017. "I used to be obsessed with Italo disco and all sorts of electronic dance music," says Black, the owner of a heartbreaking falsetto which mellows the kick and thump of synth beats, and the sparkling array of Cocteau Twins-esque guitars on the album. "We definitely wanted this one to be a bit more upbeat and a bit of a party." 

 - Disc 1 - 1 Ayo 2 Ecce Poque 3 Wisteria 4 Perpetuum Mobile 5 Cupola Panorama - Disc 2 - 1 Scooping Pints 2 Bit Part 3 The Point Is 4 Realistic 5 Primo

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