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Automelodi - Mirages Au Futur Verre-brise -  (Vinyl)

Automelodi - Mirages Au Futur Verre-brise - (Vinyl)

$ 23.98

Release Date: 5/17/2019 

 Vinyl LP pressing. Brilliantly combining the art of sound design with unforgettable songwriting, Montréal-based synth-pop duo Automelodi is back with their third full-length Mirages au futur verre-brisé out May 3, 2019. As an established and respected staple of the international community of underground hardware enthusiasts, Automelodi is led by the inspiring studio engineering and magnetic persona of singer/producer Xavier Paradis. Showcasing his master ability to design infectious rhythms, rich bass lines, and brooding hooks, Automelodi expertly crafts a listlessly romantic aesthetic embodied by Paradis' dynamic voice and eloquent French lyrics. Automelodi's focus on color and arrangement converges taste and technique, making Mirages au futur verre-brisé deeply engaging for both party-goers and analog synth connoisseurs alike. On Mirages, Paradis has sharpened his creative process and composed an innovative collection of songs with broad appeal and a fundamentally experimental core. Bursts of vibrant textured percussion and effects-driven guitar on "Feux rouges, Châteaux brillants" illustrate the extensive level of detail put into each and every element on the record. The emotional and conceptual palate of each track is carefully articulated with precise instrumental timbre, translating ineffable ideas and giving Mirages distinct character and sound. 

 1 La Poussière 2 Les Métros Disparus 3 Feux Rouges 4 Châteaux Brillants 5 7 Bis 6 Toujours de Jamais (Hors-Temps) 7 Angoisses D'orléac 8 Art Contraire 9 Dernier D'août 10 Gno5 11 Visions en Forme

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