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Alice In Chains - Jar Of Flies / Sap (2 x LP) - Vinyl Record LP - 1

Alice In Chains - Jar Of Flies / Sap (2 x LP)

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Two classic grunge EP's by Alice In Chains in one great package! 2010 limited edition, import reissue on 180-gram black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.


Written and recorded in about a week, Jar of Flies solidified Alice in Chains' somewhat bizarre pattern of alternating full-length hard rock albums with mostly acoustic, ballad-oriented EPs. That quirk aside, Jar of Flies is a low-key stunner, achingly gorgeous and harrowingly sorrowful all at once. In a way, it's a logical sequel to Dirt -- despite the veneer of calm, the songs' voices still blame only themselves. But where Dirt found catharsis in its unrelenting darkness and depravity, Jar of Flies is about living with the consequences, full of deeply felt reflections on loneliness, self-imposed isolation, and lost human connections. The mood is still hopelessly bleak, but the poignant, introspective tone produces a sense of acceptance that's actually soothing, in a funereal sort of way. Jerry Cantrell's arrangements keep growing more detailed and layered; while there are a few noisy moments, most of Jar of Flies is bathed in a clean, shimmering ambience whose source is difficult to pin down, but is well served by Cantrell's varied guitar tones and even occasional string arrangements. And coming on the heels of Dirt, the restraint and subtlety of Jar of Flies are nothing short of revelatory -- though it was written and recorded in about a week, it feels much more crafted and textured than Sap. Perhaps Jar of Flies would have gotten more credit if it had been a full-length album; as it stands, the EP is a leap forward and a major work in the Alice in Chains catalog.

-All Music


Jar Of Flies
A1 – Rotten Apple
A2 – Nutshell
A3 – I Stay Away
A4 – No Excuses
A5 – Whale & Wasp
B1 – Don't Follow
B2 – Swing On This
C1 – Brother
C2 – Got Me Wrong
C3 – Right Turn
C4 – Am I Inside
C5 – Love Song

Original Release Year: 1994

Label: Music On Vinyl

Catalog #: MOVLP086

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Vinyl Color: Black

Condition: New

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