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'68 - Give One Take One -  (Vinyl)

'68 - Give One Take One - (Vinyl)

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Release Date: 3/26/2021 

 How much noise can two people make? '68 is the sound of simultaneous implosion and explosion, of destruction and creation unbound. These are songs that could almost fall apart at any moment, yet never do, devilishly dancing between life and death. It's a primitive impulse delivered with postmodern purpose; a blacksmith's resolve with an arsenal of electric distortion and raw nerve. Like a Delta Blues reimagining of Bleach-era Nirvana or the disgraced punkish cousin of The Black Keys, '68 adheres to a single ethic: unbridled authenticity. There's not a "plan" with '68 so much as a ride, with the duo hanging on for dear life in the eye of the storm every bit as much as the audience. The obstacle is the goal. The journey is the destination. Inventive, disruptive, frantic; even when dipping into a bit of Otis Redding or James Brown style funk, '68 sound urgent. Grammy-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Alice In Chains) became a believer after just a few songs of a '68 set. On Give One Take One, crafted with Raskulinecz in Nashville, the band's high intensity bombast threatens but never swallows the underlying groove. 

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