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Raven - Over The Top! Neat Years 1981-1984 [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

Raven - Over The Top! Neat Years 1981-1984 [Import] - (United Kingdom - Import) (CD)

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 (United Kingdom - Import) 

 Although Raven's origins date as far back as 1974, they came to the attention of the British rock media with the 1980 release of their debut single, 'Don't Need Your Money'. Hailing from Newcastle, it seemed inevitable that brothers John & Mark Gallagher, on Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar respectively, joined by drummer Rob "Wacko" Hunter, would sign to Newcastle based NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) label Neat Records, alongside other NWOBHM luminaries Venom, Fist & White Spirit. A big influence on future thrash metal legends such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax, their highly energised form of speed metal became the self-styled "athletic rock", a genre that would extend to the band wearing of baseball and American football apparel on stage. Their full length debut, the self-explanatory "Rock Until You Drop", was released by Neat to much acclaim in 1981, finding champions in the pages of Sounds and Kerrang! Magazines. Although a pumped up medley of The Sweet's 'Hellraiser' & 'Action' betrayed some of their earlier glam rock influences, tracks such as 'Hell Patrol', 'Lambs to the Slaughter' & 'Tyrant of the Airways' left no doubt to their dedication to metal muscle. Further cementing their reputation as influential metal legends, second record "Wiped Out" was issued in 1982, kicking off with 'Faster Than The Speed Of Light' and including 'Live At The Inferno'. 1983's "All For One" on CD3 was co-produced by Michael Wagner and Accept lead singer Udo Dirkschneider, who also joined the boys for a cover of Steppenwolf classic 'Born To Be Wild', included here as a bonus track. Featured on CD4 is the seemingly inevitable double live album, "Live At The Inferno". Across 19 tracks, including live favourites 'Mind Over Metal', 'Crash Bang Wallop', 'Rock Until You Drop' & 'Faster Than Speed Of Light', the album proudly states THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO OVERDUBS ON THIS ALBUM!! Following "Live At The Inferno" Raven would sign a major label deal with Atlantic Records, relocating to the States for further fame & fortune, with the band still regularly gigging and releasing records today. Bonus tracks include 'Wiped Out', the "Crash Bang Wallop EP", 'The Ballad Of Marshall Stack', 'Inquisitor' and 'Power And The Glory', as well as an extensive liner note from renowned NWOBHM expert John Tucker. 

 - Disc 1 -

1 Hard Ride

2 Hell Patrol

3 Don't Need Your Money

4 Over the Top

5 39-40

6 For the Future

7 Rock Until You Drop

8 Nobody's Hero

9 Hellraiser/Action

10 Lambs to the Slaughter

11 Tyrant of the Airways

12 Wiped Out

13 Crazy World

14 Inquisitor

15 Let It Rip

- Disc 2 -

1 Faster Than the Speed of Light

2 Bring the Hammer Down

3 Fire Power

4 Read All About It

5 To the Limit/To the Top

6 Battle Zone

7 Live at the Inferno

8 Star War

9 Uxb

10 20/21

11 Hold Back the Fire

12 Chain Saw

13 Crash Bang Wallop Ep

14 Crash Bang Wallop

15 Run Them Down

16 Rock Hard

17 20/21 (Outtake)

- Disc 3 -

1 Take Control

2 Mind Over Metal

3 Sledgehammer Rock

4 All for One

5 Run Silent Run Deep

6 Hung Drawn & Quartered

7 Break the Chain

8 Take It Away

9 Seek & Destroy

10 Athletic Rock

11 Born to Be Wild (Featuring Udo Dirkschneider)

12 The Ballad of Marshall Stack

13 Inquisitor

14 Power and the Glory

- Disc 4 -

1 Intro/Live at the Inferno

2 Take Control

3 Mind Over Metal

4 Crash Bang Wallop

5 Rock Until You Drop

6 Faster Than Speed of Light

7 All for One

8 Forbidden Planet

9 Star War

10 Tyrant of the Airway/Run Silent Run Deep

11 Crazy World

12 Let It Rip

13 I.G.A.R.B.O

14 Wiped Out

15 Fire Power

16 I Don't Need Your Money

17 Break the Chain

18 Hell Patrol

19 Live at the Inferno

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